Oyster Bay Bonanza

Here is the second sketch that I did yesterday in Oyster Bay. It’s a local hangout that was pretty busy.

Today, we drove down to visit mom at her place. We took her out to breakfast, we hung out and we put her postcards in a photo album.

My friend Amy made her cat cards and here’s a photo of mom with one of the cards. She loves to get these cards!

Oyster Bay Kitty

I was in Oyster Bay today with some of the NYC Urban Sketchers that didn’t go to Porto. It was a gorgeous day!

Here is one of my sketches from today’s outing.

Sketches from the past two days

I attended the Festival del Amor last evening in Patchogue.  It was a very nice event with various activities but the highlight for me was the flamenco dancers….I don’t normally have a chance to sketch them so last evening was a treat….it’s not easy to sketch moving targets so J am only posting two of the more complete sketches of the dancers.

I also did a collage sketch which included a mock Yellow Submarine that can actually drive.  It’s a battery powered ELF car; it’s a cross between a bike and a golf cart. 

Also included are my sketches of today’s outing in Oyster Bay (yes, the place will Billy Joel lives) with the NYC Urban Sketchers.  It was a great location!

My sketch of the Oyster Bay Brewing Company has a permanent home with OB Brewing Co….