Flo’s Blue Point

This evening I went out with my sketch club and we sketched Flo’s in Blue Point. Flo’s has grown from this location, to three locations and a food truck. Flo’s BP is a popular summer spot and we sketch there every year.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this sketch in….the sky looked ominous but we never got the rain. Kitty made her appearance at Flo’s….

Tonight’s kitty

John and I went down to the bay this evening. This car was perfect for today’s kitty. We parked next to it and I whipped out the pen and postcard sized paper and sketched it. Then I added the kitty.

Ps, It is a 1930-something Ford. Fully restored. It was beautiful.

Recent sketches

I have been getting out to sketch, squeezing time in between projects that I have been working on. There has bee some events and activity in Patchogue so these sketches are a sampling of what I have done recently.

The Heron was an exercise from Sketchbook Survival where we used a brush instead of a pen to sketch out the heron and I will be trying this technique more often, when I am out sketching.


Sunday Sun

The temperature is finally in the low ’80’s, it’s the weekend and there is no wind so everyone seems to be going to the beach today. I love Florida, up North everyone is still celebrating St Patty’s Day (it appears to be a month long celebration on Long Island, another reason to abandon ship in March) in Florida, people head outdoors. Gotta Love Florida!

There was this awesome truck on the beach that I had to sketch. I was trying a few things out here, a new sketchbook, a Leuchtturm1917, my watercolor pencils and watercolor and how different media performs in the Leuchtturm1917. This is the first sketch in the Leuchtturm1917, which was given out at the Urban Sketcher Symposium in Chicago. I like the pink cover😎.

Sketching out

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I had to go out to sketch. I took a ride up to the North Shore of LI to join a group that was painting there.

I wanted to mount my little guerrilla box on the tripod but alas, it didn’t come with the tripod adapter mounting plate so I need to order that. In the meantime I took a large board that John made for me over the summer and I used the car and the tripod as a makeshift mount.

It was so surprisingly warm, that the only reason why I was wearing my jacket so as to not be stupid and catch a chill. It was worth it to get out in the sun to do a quick watercolor and ink sketch. The ride home I was cranking up Coldplay. For just that wee bit of time it was indeed, Paradise.

And….winter is back…..sigh.