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30 Pages 30 Days

30 Day 30 Pages, Pen & ink, portrait, Sktchy, Tombow March 1, 2018

There’s a challenge going on with the Sktchy app where you sign up to commit to doing 30 journaling type sketch pages for 30 days.

This is my Day 1. Chloe was hiding under my desk to get away from the noise of work being done in one of our bathrooms. The workers are long gone and Chloe is in the kitchen right now singing for her supper….well, it’s more like chirping.

Catching up

Pen & ink, portrait, Sketches, Sktchy, Valentine’s Day, Watercolor February 15, 2018

Lots of stuff to post! Stay tuned.

I participated in Sktchy’s Creative Cupid Valentine yesterday where we signed up to sketch someone for Valentine’s Day and someone else sketched a reference photo that we posted, and so on. I was assigned Yang Yi-Ting.

Here was yesterday’s Sktchy Valentine of Yang…..

I did a test drive and warmed up with a 5 line sketch before I did the portrait above….. A 5 line sketch is when you only use 5 lines to record your subject….so same photo as the reference above, here is the 5 line version;

Looks like a Picasso, lol!