Accidental people

This is an assignment from a Carla Sonheim class. This was my first one of this project and I have some postcards cut to do more when I am sitting by the TV. I am actually trying to get OUT of the studio more, believe it or not. This assignment is all random and you really don’t plan it, you just go with it and use what ever you have on hand.

This week’s sketches

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom’s out there…It’s another week during Corona Virus World. I have been spending my time creating art, which is business as usual for me.

We’ve been watching Ozark in the evenings and finished the first season and are in the second season. That series shows how lies just make people dig bigger and bigger holes for themselves.

Here is last week’s dailies….

I took Carla Sonheim’s 10th Year Anniversary class and one of the lessons was “Cheater Blind Contour” drawings which I love and I have been doing some every day.

Here are some:

And here are some combined with my brush pen 5 min timed drawings….. Enjoy!

End of 2019 Doodle Pages

Here are the last two pages of 2019. Doing the creative borders takes more time but I like how they look. I usually spend my Sundays on preparing the page for the week. In the 3rd photo, you can see how the beginning of the week looks before I pop the doodle into it.

Happy New Year!

2019 has ended. John and I have been scurrying around through the holidays. We unpacked the house only to have to repack things to put Christmas decorations out. Now we are in the flip flop stage of putting Christmas away and pulling the everyday stuff back out.

I am still using the garage as my temporary studio. We are still debating on using the garage vs a “she” shed. The garage is contained within the house and easier to climate control but there are no windows so it’s like a tomb when the door is closed. Plus it needs lighting, a screen door to keep the bugs and lizards out and it can only be opened when the weather is nice. When the sun hits the front of the house I have to close the door a bit because the sun is not kind to art materials. It’s open right now but it is chilly today so I am a little cold. I have long sleeves and jeans on, so whoever thinks it is always hot in Florida, that is incorrect thinking. It gets down in the 40’s some nights. Good thing I still have my parka.

I have plenty of “doodle” pages to share which, instead of posting them all at once, I’ll stagger them over a few posts.

In the meantime, Happy New Year and I wish you joy, happiness and lots of luck in the New Year.

The process of kitty

Here are some of of the kitties I drew before finding the one I liked. The large one circled in yellow and then trying it out on a smaller piece of paper.

And one sketchbook page using that kitty shape….

As the weekend comes to a close….

June was a full month preparing for my sketch club’s show, Arts on Terry, Father’s Day, etc and it all ended today.

This weekend was the reception “It takes a Village”, where two of my sketches were juried into that show, held at Roast Coffee and Tea House, (a PAC sponsored venue) in Patchogue. Several sketchers have pieces in the show and it looked great!

Here is my sketch of Mademoiselle Patisserie, one of the two. I did a smaller sketch with a cat back in the beginning of June, this one is approx 6×9, minus the kitty.

Another show that went up last week is PAC’s juried member show, “Patchworks,” where my submission, “Nod to O’Keeffe” was accepted into that show as well.

This is an abstract sketchbook that I worked on in between everything else. The idea grew from a smaller project and I just kept going with it until I had a full piece. I was really excited about it getting accepted.

Also ending today is my weekly doodle page for the week.

Lastly, today’s postcard, inspired by a kitty John and I saw on Friday. He was out on a hunting expedition on a rock jetty. He went all the way out until he found some goodies. This is him on the way back….we couldn’t believe he went all the way out. The seagulls all left when they saw him coming.

This week’s doodles and today’s kitty

Here is my week long doodles. I do one a day. It only takes a few minutes to do one and it has become part of my morning routine. Most times, what I am doodling is what happened the day before, unless I post about the weather.

Here is today’s kitty. This one is an imaginary kitty that I used the three primary colors, brown and added some white and black.