Inchie Challenge Continued…

Days 4-6 prompts:

Day 4 – Yellow – I was totally spontaneous and I used two Tombow Markers and a waterbrush to create this one. Simple designs like this can grow into something else…

Day 5 – Wood – They Draw had sent out an email about typography so wood became wooden letters.

Day 6 – Sea

I kinda went berserk on the prompt for Sea. I am also doing Carla Sonheim’s Year Long class and the lesson came up for working with crayons and melting them. I made a bunch with crayon and used other media over top over the crayons. I created many Inchies for the prompt “sea.”

Prompts 4-6
Sea- Two melted crayon with silver gel pen
Sea – layered melted crayon with gel pen
Sea – watercolor and gel pen

Art with Grandkids

Four of the five grandkids are here for a visit. They wanted an art lesson from Grandma. Fortunately, Carla Sonheim has done many Children’s’ art weeks so I was able to use the Picasso Elephant lesson with my four grandchildren ages 7 and 4 (with no sets of twins).

The 7 year olds Leila and Dempsey were totally digging it. Julian, one of the four year olds, finished his and ran to put it in the van to make sure it went home. Mia, 4 year old #2, had a hissy fit that her elephant did not look like an elephant (it wasn’t supposed to😂) and ran away crying but she was happy after being given a small chunk of brownie. (Chocolate makes everything better.)

We also made some blob animals, too.

Below are some examples. Most were squirreled away before I could take pix.😂


Just hatched this morning, everything was new to Carmella. She looked down at her feet.

“Wow, what are those? Can I eat them?“

This is an Artist Trading Card sized art. ATCs are traded between artists and they have to be 2.5 x 3.5 in. I prepped a few ATC sized pieces because I can do those quicker than larger pieces. And I can also work on them from anywhere.

An ACEO (Art Cards, Edition and Collection is a ATC that an artist sells. I have seen ATCs/ACEOs that were framed very nicely. They are tiny art but they are also fun to collect.

Think of them as baseball cards for artists.

Where did the bunnies go?

I am happy to say that the bunny sketchbook is full, so I can retire that one to the bookcase shelf. It’s time to move on from bunnies to other creatures. In the mean time, here’s some odd birds……

The green parrot and sapsucker hummingbird were not happy that a bunch of groundhog faeries moved into the neighborhood.

They liked to spit blueberry juice.

The green parrot, sapsucker hummingbird and groundhog faerie.

Darcy the Giraffe

Darcy loves sweets.

Standby for more about Darcy…..

This is the whole sketchbook spread. I don’t use the opposing page to keep each sketch clean and undamaged. This is a a sketchbook/journal that I bound from a kit from Innovative Journaling. The paper is Arches Text wove and it is very soft and has a nice texture.

More Flowers

I didn’t think I would say this but I am really enjoying this technique. It’s very liberating. No rules, just drawing with the brush pen what I feel the watercolor marks are telling me to do. I may get a few more pages ready in my sketchbook so I can do more. In the mean time I still have some other stuff to get done but the nice thing is I can take a break and watch TV and do these type of flowers.

Square Flowers

I love working in Square sketchbooks. This one is actually a square Moleskine I found somewhere. I don’t remember where I purchased it. The paper isn’t the best for wet media so I only use the one side but that’s ok because I have been able to do some surprising projects in it, most of the using techniques from Carla Sonheim’s classes, which can be pretty messy.

This one is actually a Pam Garrison exercise but Joanne Sharpe does something similar. I went rogue by using a brush fountain pen.

Flowers and Ink

Another small sketch with watercolor and random flowers….original is 4×6.

One of the splashes of paint reminded me of the pink lady orchids that I saw in the wild in New York many years ago. One of those unexpected gifts that Karma gives you….