Art with Grandkids

Four of the five grandkids are here for a visit. They wanted an art lesson from Grandma. Fortunately, Carla Sonheim has done many Children’s’ art weeks so I was able to use the Picasso Elephant lesson with my four grandchildren ages 7 and 4 (with no sets of twins).

The 7 year olds Leila and Dempsey were totally digging it. Julian, one of the four year olds, finished his and ran to put it in the van to make sure it went home. Mia, 4 year old #2, had a hissy fit that her elephant did not look like an elephant (it wasn’t supposed to😂) and ran away crying but she was happy after being given a small chunk of brownie. (Chocolate makes everything better.)

We also made some blob animals, too.

Below are some examples. Most were squirreled away before I could take pix.😂