Haphazard Flowers

I was on a Zoom this evening with Carla Sonheim and a few other artists. Carla had some flowers that she encouraged us to draw via blind contours and I randomly placed them around the page. We were encouraged to use whatever media we wanted. I used a Caran D’Ache Neocolor II black water-soluble crayon.

I then colored them in with watercolor and used ultramarine blue washed around them. I just played with the various mediums, adding paint pens and other media. Then I scanned it in and tweaked it some more on Procreate. I did this all while making homemade candy for Easter. It was quite full day.

And yep, I printed it out on a 4×6 postcard to mail to my mom. No kitties today, just flowers.

People in the Neighborhood #1

This series of postcards were inspired by a Lesson in Carla Sonheim’s 2021 Year Long Class. There are 4 total which I will be posting over the next couple of days.

Kurt, Carrie and Sally decided that they wanted to go on an Adventure. Carrie’s dog, Melville and Kurt’s kitty, Boomer, joined them.

Wild Calico

Oh HEY! Where did this guy come from? The idea for this guy came from Carla Sonheim’s 2021 Sketchbook Revival lesson. The first part of the lesson is to draw a bunch of one liner subjects…cat, elephant, vase of flowers, toilets…..then we each picked one of our own to turn into a more finished piece….

Voila! Wild Calico!

Wild Calico doesn’t like to take baths and he loves to jump in garbage cans and dumpsters. Now he’s having a bad hair day.

New book

Well I finished the Valentine’s book and I am on to the next holiday. I don’t know if St Patrick’s Day is technically a holiday but my mom will like the Irish post cards.

Although I am part Irish, I don’t understand the need to party and get wasted on St Patrick’s Day, which seems to have escalated from a day of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Irish Soda bread and Irish potatoes to a month long celebration of partying and parades. Living in Florida, it can be a looooonngggg March with the revelers, then piling partying snowbirds and spring breakers on top of that. We pretty much sit back and watch the show.

This month’s sketchbook will lean toward the “green,” but I will probably mix things up a bit with the subject matter and I will experiment with some varied media and techniques.

The sketchbook page was damaged during the process of creating this page. The background is watercolor but I had to use acrylic to “seal” the torn spots which actually gave it texture.

This little guy is from my morning pages. The color pattern was derived from the random shapes on the page.

Randy is Shamrock Eater. He thinks that 4 leafed clovers are especially tasty. He’ll also eat asparagus and spinach. He likes gardens….for dinner.

Accidental people

This is an assignment from a Carla Sonheim class. This was my first one of this project and I have some postcards cut to do more when I am sitting by the TV. I am actually trying to get OUT of the studio more, believe it or not. This assignment is all random and you really don’t plan it, you just go with it and use what ever you have on hand.

Little dog & Owls

I started to play with drawing bulldogs but this little guy happened instead. The whole drawing was “accidental.” Sometimes the pencil has a mind of its own.

Our screech owls are back and the palm tree they used last January fell over during the summer. It was dead for a while but we didn’t remove it because the owls were using it.

John made the owls an nesting box and put it in a safer tree for them. Now we wait to see if they use it. We called the wildlife folks to ask where the best spot was and this is what they suggested. Keeping fingers crossed. I can hear them outside right now.

PS…it is “winter” in Florida right now and this tree loses it leaves every year. They don’t change color, they just fall off.