New book

Well I finished the Valentine’s book and I am on to the next holiday. I don’t know if St Patrick’s Day is technically a holiday but my mom will like the Irish post cards.

Although I am part Irish, I don’t understand the need to party and get wasted on St Patrick’s Day, which seems to have escalated from a day of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Irish Soda bread and Irish potatoes to a month long celebration of partying and parades. Living in Florida, it can be a looooonngggg March with the revelers, then piling partying snowbirds and spring breakers on top of that. We pretty much sit back and watch the show.

This month’s sketchbook will lean toward the “green,” but I will probably mix things up a bit with the subject matter and I will experiment with some varied media and techniques.

The sketchbook page was damaged during the process of creating this page. The background is watercolor but I had to use acrylic to “seal” the torn spots which actually gave it texture.

This little guy is from my morning pages. The color pattern was derived from the random shapes on the page.

Randy is Shamrock Eater. He thinks that 4 leafed clovers are especially tasty. He’ll also eat asparagus and spinach. He likes gardens….for dinner.