As the weekend comes to a close….

June was a full month preparing for my sketch club’s show, Arts on Terry, Father’s Day, etc and it all ended today. This weekend was the reception “It takes a Village”, where two of my sketches were juried into that show, held at Roast Coffee and Tea House, (a PAC sponsored venue) in Patchogue. SeveralContinue reading “As the weekend comes to a close….”

Sketches fron Alive on 25 #3

John and I don’t get to the Eastern part of Long Island too much, although I occasionally teach classes at the art school in Riverhead.  Riverhead is another town on Long Island that is doing that slow crawl of revival.  It’s a nice place to visit and sketch.  They do a street fair similar toContinue reading “Sketches fron Alive on 25 #3”

Urban sketchers Symposium Day 2

The sketch subject below is on Congress Pkwy just East of Michigan Ave.  This sculpture is beautiful.  It is designed as a trellis for vines so that her skirt will fill out with plant life…so far, she just has a few leaves. I moved on to the Plaza where the native American sculpture was holdingContinue reading “Urban sketchers Symposium Day 2”

Today’s sktchy is sculpture, kinda

“Game of Thrones”. #56  Not a sketch tonight, more of a sculpture… made this chair for my husband’s 60th birthday. It took more time to find the parts than it did to make the chair. I might have to use this chair as a prop for sketch night!  The chair is even  more awesome inContinue reading “Today’s sktchy is sculpture, kinda”