Sketches fron Alive on 25 #3

John and I don’t get to the Eastern part of Long Island too much, although I occasionally teach classes at the art school in Riverhead.  Riverhead is another town on Long Island that is doing that slow crawl of revival.  It’s a nice place to visit and sketch. 

They do a street fair similar to Patchogue’s Alive After Five and they call theirs Alive on 25, which is the number of the NY state highway that Riverhead calls their Main Street.   

New York is dotted with hamlets and villages along state routes and I highly recommend going out of the way to find them.  They are places to sketch.

Last evening, at Alive on 25, there was a model arranged for us to sketch.  There was also an antique car show that I would have loved to sketch instead, but we were already committed to sketching the model.  Oh well, maybe another time.

Below there are two sketches of the model, I did more but I liked these two the best.  I also did a “rogue” sketch of the sculpture on the grounds of the East End Arts complex….I say “rogue” because I took a lot of liberties with this sketch and just had fun with it.