I didn’t bake butter cookies yet this year. I say yet because I still may bake them this week. We’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy my visual version.

Also, I was at at loss of what to carve as a stamp today, so I flipped open Julie Balzer’s “Carve, Stamp, Play.” I can always use another border. I highly recommend Julie’s book.

Some more sketches from the USk Symposium in Chicago

These sketches were loose or in different sketchbooks from my last posts…

This first sketch was done in my morning pages as I was waiting for my flight for Chicago.  I got up so early that I had to do my morning routine at the airport.  There was another flight boarding at my gate.  These folks were going to Punta Cana.   I was sitiing at a table sipping my Starbucks latte and I could see the Punta Cana folks sitting on the runway so I sketched their plane…..and I wondered who was going to the Dominican Republic in the summer?  It’s not hot enough here at home?

The next two sketches:

An ATC that I did on the final day of the symposium, and the sketch on the left is in my moleskine travelers notebook….this one was my plane at Kennedy.  I stamped the page so it would look a little like a passport. 

The ATC is one of two that I did Saturday afternoon….I traded the other one with another sketcher who was from Tel Aviv.  

Here is a sketch I did of a flag in the business area of Chicago…

The two sketches below were done at O’Hare before I boarded my plane….

Urban Sketcher Symposium Final Day’s Sketches

This morning, I sketched the top of the Congress Hotel.  It’s a cool sign and it glows brightly when lit in the evening and I enjoyed the challenge of sketching it this morning.

Then I moved on to sketch Lake Michigan.  I couldn’t leave Chicago without sketching the lake!  I was surprised how green it looked, like the Carribbean.  It was bustling with activity.

The Goodman Center has been our home away from home these past few days.  I took a few minutes to sketch this before I ran off to join the rest of the artists at our final sketching spot.

I have a few more quick sketches that I did that I will post tomorrow. Overall, it was a great experience.’

Urban sketchers Symposium Day 2

The sketch subject below is on Congress Pkwy just East of Michigan Ave.  This sculpture is beautiful.  It is designed as a trellis for vines so that her skirt will fill out with plant life…so far, she just has a few leaves.

I moved on to the Plaza where the native American sculpture was holding court.   My friends were focused on his “six pack” butt.  

The Buckingham Fountain

The London House… Chicago……oookay.  I had to rush through the end of this one because I had run out of time….