Some more sketches from the USk Symposium in Chicago

These sketches were loose or in different sketchbooks from my last posts… This first sketch was done in my morning pages as I was waiting for my flight for Chicago.  I got up so early that I had to do my morning routine at the airport.  There was another flight boarding at my gate.  TheseContinue reading “Some more sketches from the USk Symposium in Chicago”

Urban Sketcher Symposium Final Day’s Sketches

This morning, I sketched the top of the Congress Hotel.  It’s a cool sign and it glows brightly when lit in the evening and I enjoyed the challenge of sketching it this morning. Then I moved on to sketch Lake Michigan.  I couldn’t leave Chicago without sketching the lake!  I was surprised how green itContinue reading “Urban Sketcher Symposium Final Day’s Sketches”

Urban sketchers Symposium Day 2

The sketch subject below is on Congress Pkwy just East of Michigan Ave.  This sculpture is beautiful.  It is designed as a trellis for vines so that her skirt will fill out with plant life…so far, she just has a few leaves. I moved on to the Plaza where the native American sculpture was holdingContinue reading “Urban sketchers Symposium Day 2”

International Urban sketchers Symposium – Chicago Days 1 & 2

So here I am in Chicago, sketching with 575 other artists from 34 countries around the world. I am sitting at Congress and Michigan Ave while I am typing this, before I start another sketch. Here are a few photos of some of the sketches that I did.  I am meeting people from all overContinue reading “International Urban sketchers Symposium – Chicago Days 1 & 2”