Friendly Face Day 10

I still have to post yesterday’s “sad” face, which was put on the back burner because of an unplanned technology replacement.

It is amazing how we have become so dependent on technology that we can’t do without it and when something needs to be replaced, life gets put on hold until the situation is remedied. Even art depends on technology. The very phone I am typing this post on enables the world to see what I did today!

Today’s Friendly Face is a “culture different from my own” and one of my favorite reference photos from Sktchy, Sureka Kasinath.

This is the raw sketch without digital touch ups…

Drawing people

I have a daily practice of drawing people. If no one is handy, I use the SKTCHY app for reference. I do two types of sketches. A five minute timed sketch and a Cheater Blind Contour sketch. I use brush fountain pens for the the timed 5 minute sketch. This helps with my brush skills. The other sketch, I use the big fat chunky Higgins Indian Ink Chisel marker that I received in my Artsnacks box back in May. I love that marker. I use the Uniball vision for the fine line.

Here are some examples of those people. Four of these were assignments from Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp. You’ll see more of these over the next couple of days….

Sketchbook with my “tools.”

Art with coffee

I have a morning ritual where I get my day started with a few habits like exercise, morning pages and I have added a 5 minute timed sketch to the routine.  

I did this sketch in 5 minutes, all while enjoying my morning cup of java.

I look for something on Sktchy that I know I can sketch in 5 minutes, set the timer on my phone and get to it.  Here is this morning’s “Art with coffee.”

If you would like to read about my morning pages ritual, click below:

Morning ritual