Last Alive After Five of the summer

Tonight brings the summer to a sad close….yes, we still have a little over a week to Labor Day, but tonight was the final AA5 of the summer☹️.

This is also the week of Paint the Great South Bay. So far it has rained, I was swarmed by flies and bit by a yellow jacket. (Little bastard died for that one.)

I was out painting this evening and did this painting

And took a photo and turned it into a postcard for my mom (see if you can find kitty)

I had a rough week which led to a lot of this

Here is my set up and you can see how the painting came together….

More to come!

Alive After Five #4 2017

This evening was the last Alive After Five for the season….there was no model this evening so I was finally able to sketch this purple truck…..I meant to add more people to the sketch but it got dark pretty quickly….it isn’t a food truck, it’s clothes on wheels….

Alive After Five Week #3

Our model yesterday, Stephanie, at Alive After Five, was very good.  She came equipped with a goth outfit and black lacy umbrella.  Her poses were so amazing that she stopped people who were passing by, and they paused to watch us sketch.  Normally they stroll by and don’t even glance our way.  Stephanie didn’t have a snake, her personality and outfit caught people’s eye.

We requested 2, 5 and some 10 minute poses.  She was very good and came up with some great poses, even down to exaggerating her fingers.   I just read an article about contrapposto, which means “counter-posture” in Italian, and Stephanie pulled some contrappostro poses off naturally, with ease. I was delighted that I was able to sketch these poses just after reading about them in.

Here are the sketches from last evening, you can tell the amount of time that I had per sketch by the amount of detail….

This one below, is a classic example of contrapposto….the torso is going in the opposite direction as the hips….the body counter balances itself to adjust the weight of the pose.

Alive After Five #2

Here are some sketches from AA5 last night.  John and I had dinner at Gallo and I sketched the patrons first.  Then I walked down to where Zoe and Fantasia were posing for us.  Fantasia, the boa constrictor, stopped people dead in their tracks.  I wish I could have captured their expressions but it happens too fast…..