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Siamese Kitty

drawing cats for mom, Paint the great South Bay, Pastel, Plein air, Sketches August 25, 2018

My mom used to have three bratty Siamese. When the last one passed away, my sisters and I figured we’d see more of her. Nope. She adopted two homeless cats soon after the last Siamese passed away.

Here’s a Siamese kitty that I know my mom will love!

Also, these paintings below will be in the wet paint show and sale tomorrow and are available to purchase!

Last Alive After Five of the summer

drawing cats for mom, Paint the great South Bay, Pastel, Plein air August 23, 2018

Tonight brings the summer to a sad close….yes, we still have a little over a week to Labor Day, but tonight was the final AA5 of the summer☹️.

This is also the week of Paint the Great South Bay. So far it has rained, I was swarmed by flies and bit by a yellow jacket. (Little bastard died for that one.)

I was out painting this evening and did this painting

And took a photo and turned it into a postcard for my mom (see if you can find kitty)

I had a rough week which led to a lot of this

Here is my set up and you can see how the painting came together….

More to come!

Fundraiser Painting

Pastel November 5, 2017

Taking a break from Zombie dolls to do this post….

 I was honored to be asked to paint during the Dia de los Muertos Celebration, a fundraiser for our local historical cemetery.  I frequently sketch and paint at the Lakeview Cemetery, so I was more than happy to donate my time and a painting for a good cause. 

The morning of the event, John and I went out Fire Island so I could take a sunrise photo of the lighthouse.

I took several photos and decided on this one.  The next step was to sketch several thumbnails, cropping the photo to determine the best view to paint. 

After I picked my favorite, I sketched the image on the pastelbord so that once I set up at the event, all I had to do was to start painting.

And here is the painting before it went home to it’s new owner:

Plein air again

Pastel, Plein air September 13, 2017

Tonight was sketch night and I pulled the pastels out again…. I started this around 6 and the sun sets on the South shore at 7:09 so I didn’t have much  daylight toward the end of the painting session.  It still needs some tweaking if I wanted a polished piece and there is enough information here if I wanted to take it further so I am content with this one.

Sketching with pastels

Pastel, Plein air, Sketches September 11, 2017

So I decided to combine sketching and pastel.  I went to the local wild life refuge and sketched goats and an alpaca.  I didn’t have any plan in mind except to just try using the pastel sticks to actually draw with them.  I liked how these turned out and I think I will go there more often to try other media and do the same exercises.

PS, the goats were more active and it was like trying to sketch a school of fish.

The Artful Flea

Pastel, Plein air September 9, 2017

Once a month, on second Saturdays, Chincoteague has an arts “flea” market.  I wanted to do one more painting before this evening’s wet paint sale so I tackled painting the market.  This was a ton of fun!  I usually sketch big markets and crowds of people with ink & watercolor, but this time I used pastel.  I loved doing this painting and plan to do more of these in pastel!