Fundraiser Painting

Taking a break from Zombie dolls to do this post….

 I was honored to be asked to paint during the Dia de los Muertos Celebration, a fundraiser for our local historical cemetery.  I frequently sketch and paint at the Lakeview Cemetery, so I was more than happy to donate my time and a painting for a good cause. 

The morning of the event, John and I went out Fire Island so I could take a sunrise photo of the lighthouse.

I took several photos and decided on this one.  The next step was to sketch several thumbnails, cropping the photo to determine the best view to paint. 

After I picked my favorite, I sketched the image on the pastelbord so that once I set up at the event, all I had to do was to start painting.

And here is the painting before it went home to it’s new owner:

6 thoughts on “Fundraiser Painting

  1. Gorgeous photo, sketches and painting is excellent ~ ^_^

    light and love,
    A Shutter Bug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    ps. Send healing energy ~ just out of hospital with adverse reaction to flu and pneumonia shot ~


  2. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your creative process! I love the painting but I love the sketch on the pastelbord even more 😀 I find unfinished art very interesting, because you see the work being made.
    My daughter really likes your painting too and she’s very inspired by the idea of starting out with a picture! Thanks for all the inspiration!


    1. I don’t normally work from photos when I paint landscapes and wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner. I used a photo here because I was painting it during a fundraiser so people could watch as I paint it. Normally I drag my plein easel to the lighthouse and paint right on site.


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