Fundraiser Painting

Taking a break from Zombie dolls to do this post….

 I was honored to be asked to paint during the Dia de los Muertos Celebration, a fundraiser for our local historical cemetery.  I frequently sketch and paint at the Lakeview Cemetery, so I was more than happy to donate my time and a painting for a good cause. 

The morning of the event, John and I went out Fire Island so I could take a sunrise photo of the lighthouse.

I took several photos and decided on this one.  The next step was to sketch several thumbnails, cropping the photo to determine the best view to paint. 

After I picked my favorite, I sketched the image on the pastelbord so that once I set up at the event, all I had to do was to start painting.

And here is the painting before it went home to it’s new owner:

Sketches from Memorial Ceremony

There is a group in the Patchogue area that maintains Lakeview Cemetery on Main Street.  It is an old historical cemetery and comprises (historians believe) 5 separate cemetaries of various faiths.  

The committee has been restoring and maintaining the graves.  There are several graves of significance which were being commemorated on Wednesday.  At the turn of the century, there were a couple of shipwrecks where bodies were retrieved from storms.  These sailors were give a resting place at Lakeview cemetary.  They were not locals. They were from New England…. These days, the bodies would be transported home, back in the late 1800’s, they were lucky when kind benevolent souls gave them a resting place.

The Memorial Ceremony was for these sailors and the locals that died in relation to rescue attempts during the storms that sunk the ships they were on.  (They weren’t even going far by today’s standards, Maine or Boston to Maryland or vice versa). I was amazed that they knew the names of these sailors.

There was a special iron work piece made to beautify the site and that was also being dedicated during the ceremony to those that lost their lives.  These sketches were done during the ceremony.