Nocturnal Kitty

John dragged me out of the house this evening. Still groggy from this cold or whatever sinus thing I am getting over. So annoying. All I want to do is nap and cough. A friend reminded me of the benefits of tea and that’s been helping the cough.

One thing about being a dedicated sketcher. I can sit anywhere and find something to draw. I never used to be that way. The irony is when I was in college, we were asked to fill up a sketchbook in a week and we were all freaking out. Now I would be like “just one?” 😂

Ahh, youth is wasted on the young.

So although I feel blasé, I managed to sketch the tree in front of a local Church on Main Street. It was there and I needed to draw SOMETHING. I figured while I was out I would do an Urban Sketch with kitty.

Kitty is resting under the tree. She had too many oysters from mooching so she needs to sleep them off.

This evening I kept is simple. My favorite, ink and washes.