Go fly a kitty

Here’s my first kitty stamp print that I did a while back. It was sitting on my work table waiting for me to find a use for it. In Carla Sonheim’s Rightbraininess 365 year of prompts, she gave us the challenge of making a kite with mom in mind. So naturally I thought of cats.

I have instructions for how to make a homemade kite. I also wanted to make a card to send my mom and was trying to figure out how to combine the two. I mulled the challenge for a while. I worked out the dimensions of a full sized kite and scaled it down to post card size and realized that the test cat was the correct size. I grabbed some items from around my studio and here is my kite. It’s basically just a decoration and it’s going to be interesting to mail it, but it was a nice final send off for the last weekend of summer.