Inktober Days 24 through 31

Here is the final week of Inktober 2017

For me, Inktober 2017 was not about being “popular” or creating works of art.  I believe that creating art, even in sketchbooks, is about finding myself, my voice, my style, and not following the herd.  I didn’t care if I got a lot of “likes” when I originally posted these on Sktchy.  It was about my own challenge of doing short timed sketches first thing in the morning, experimenting with colored ink instead of using watercolor or another media to add color, using a waterbrush to spread the ink to create values.  It was about practice and finding ways to work quicker when I am out sketching in public.  It was about perfecting and tweaking my ideas of interpreting the prompts and finding ways of manipulating the media.  To not get hung up on being perfect, to create more art and less representation.  

Most of the sketches were done in my morning pages in a box that I draw on the page and reserve for sketches.  This is why some have a color “frame” around them.

Enjoy these final Inktober 2017 sketches.

Inktober Days 13 to 23

I have been busy working on a few things so I haven’t been posting much.  However, I have been doing my daily Inktober sketches and posted them on Sktchy….most of them are 5 minute timed sketches done first thing in the morning.



This pie is actually day 20.

Inktober sketches Days 6 – 12

I haven’t been posting these daily because I’d rather post them as a group.  Most of these Inktober sketches are 5 minute sketches except for the Breakfast Crawl sketch that I snapped a photo of before I added watercolor to it.   I start my  sketches by checking the Inktober prompt for the day that is taped to my calendar, then I use the Sktchy app for my inspiration.

For the ones that I do in my morning pages, I set my timer for 5 minutes. This way I am forced to say what I need to about the subject with minimum lines and it forces me to work quickly. 

My own personal Inktober challenge has been to add a five-minute, timed sketch to my morning routine. This way, no matter how the day goes, I still did one sketch. It helps break artist’s block for me, and I would recommend the five-minute exercise to anyone looking to establish a daily creative habit. It is one baby step in the right direction and anyone can do it. It forces me to not be so hung up on Perfectionism, which can be a form of procrastination and avoidance, and just sketching for five minutes can make all the difference with skills and creating quick art.

If you click on the link below, you can see #8 and the inspiration from Sktchy:

Inktober sketches Days 2-5

 I really didn’t want to do Inktober again because I already have a daily sketching habit.  I had to come up with something new to make it fun for me.  So, my personal Inktober challenge is to add a 5 minute timed sketch to my morning routine. This way, no matter HOW the day went, I still did one sketch. 

 This also helps to break any artist’s blocks for me and it starts the day in the right direction.  I would recommend the 5 minute exercise to anyone looking to establish a daily creative habit. 5 minutes is a baby step in the right direction and anyone can spare 5 minutes a day.  Some people get hung up on the sketch being perfect.  It’s only a sketch!  Perfectionism is a form of procrastination and avoidance or basically, just another excuse people use to not follow through.  Sketching for 5 minutes can make all the difference in your skill level. If you get too hung up on being perfect, you’ll never finish anything. So set a timer and get stuff done!

Here are days 2-5…there also suggested prompts.  Sometimes I follow the prompt, sometimes I don’t….

Horses and yesterday’s Inktober Sketch

I spent over a week researching and working on this map that I did as a very belated Sketchbook Skool Assignment.  I was away when the class was “in session” and I mulled over ideas and nothing really inspired me until I saw they were requesting maps for Asia.  Then I had to mull that one over and almost passed that assignment over when I thought of horses.   So I did some research on horse breeds that originated in Asia and came up with this map.

I do have a scanned version so if you are interested in a print, please contact me.

Also, I did this yesterday as my husband was driving us to South Jersey to help my son.  This was my Inktober Day 1 sketch.  I posted it in Sktchy and on my sketch club’s Facebook page yesterday but never got a chance to post it on Social Media…