Inktober sketches Days 2-5

 I really didn’t want to do Inktober again because I already have a daily sketching habit.  I had to come up with something new to make it fun for me.  So, my personal Inktober challenge is to add a 5 minute timed sketch to my morning routine. This way, no matter HOW the day went, I still did one sketch. 

 This also helps to break any artist’s blocks for me and it starts the day in the right direction.  I would recommend the 5 minute exercise to anyone looking to establish a daily creative habit. 5 minutes is a baby step in the right direction and anyone can spare 5 minutes a day.  Some people get hung up on the sketch being perfect.  It’s only a sketch!  Perfectionism is a form of procrastination and avoidance or basically, just another excuse people use to not follow through.  Sketching for 5 minutes can make all the difference in your skill level. If you get too hung up on being perfect, you’ll never finish anything. So set a timer and get stuff done!

Here are days 2-5…there also suggested prompts.  Sometimes I follow the prompt, sometimes I don’t….