Inktober Days 24 through 31

Here is the final week of Inktober 2017

For me, Inktober 2017 was not about being “popular” or creating works of art.  I believe that creating art, even in sketchbooks, is about finding myself, my voice, my style, and not following the herd.  I didn’t care if I got a lot of “likes” when I originally posted these on Sktchy.  It was about my own challenge of doing short timed sketches first thing in the morning, experimenting with colored ink instead of using watercolor or another media to add color, using a waterbrush to spread the ink to create values.  It was about practice and finding ways to work quicker when I am out sketching in public.  It was about perfecting and tweaking my ideas of interpreting the prompts and finding ways of manipulating the media.  To not get hung up on being perfect, to create more art and less representation.  

Most of the sketches were done in my morning pages in a box that I draw on the page and reserve for sketches.  This is why some have a color “frame” around them.

Enjoy these final Inktober 2017 sketches.