Inktober Day 20

Eleven more days to go! Whoo hoo!

Today’s prompt is “bluff.” I thought about sketching people playing cards or a game. I also considered poker or Texas Hold’em, you know, games where you have to bluff. I bluff all the time when we play “Cover Your Assets.” This is a great game that I highly recommend but you need to be devious with the high point cards. It’s not a game that you play with sore losers because it’s a little ruthless, LOL. You steal other players cards during the game to build your own pile for points so sore losers whine a lot during the game. You can find it on Amazon and occasionally in a specialty toy store.

That would have been the obvious choice but as I was doing my sketches, I thought of that canyon out West that keeps showing up in movies. You know the one. It was used in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” when Indy goes over the cliff and that same cliff was used in the new “Star Trek” with the young James T Kirk speeding in his stepfather’s antique ‘Vette to the tune of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” and sends it over the side, quipping to the police officer who chased him, “Is there a problem officer?” Now THAT’S a bluff!

I then pictured a cowboy who brakes to a stop on his horse because they both realized that they were at a dead end at the top of a bluff. Two eagles look on annoyingly at the disturbance. There were a bunch of children’s books illustrated and/or written by Glen Rounds that had these quirky cowboys and horses and those inspired this sketch. I have picked up one or two of his used books over the years because I like to have old illustrators on hand for inspiration and I was fond of his quirky western characters. It’s funny how things you learn or read as a child still have influence as you get older.

Inktober Day 20
Pen and Ink Sketch of a cowboy and his horse skidding to a stop at the top of a bluff, overlooking another cliff that has a nesting eagle who's a bit annoyed at the disturbance above.  There is a hazy sun overhead and another eagle flying over to investigate.
Inktober Day 20 Bluff

Inktober Day 11

Whoo hoo Day 11!

Today’s prompt is Eagle. Our National Bird. Eagles are really cool and I have been lucky to see many eagles in the wild. One really good place for eagle spotting is Assateague Island, VA. Actually, the whole MD/VA Eastern Shore is a great spot for eagle watching. I was driving to Chincoteague down Snow Hill Road and and eagle flew right in front of my car. Talk about a close encounter and a near miss. I had to swerve not to hit it.

I have seen eagles in NJ. One eagle pair used to stalk the wild cats near my office and would pick off the kittens. Sort of ironic how birds are usually prey of cats but the roles were reversed here. Eagles are opportunists, LOL.

We used to have a place in Villas, NJ, where along the Delaware bay, eagles would hunt off the beach. We had to make sure we our chihuahuas were on leashes and supervised at all times so they wouldn’t become dinner. The eagles would sit on the sand by where the bay was when the tide was out. I was always fascinated by that because I didn’t expect them to be on the sand. I guess they felt safe out there because not too many humans would brave the mud that had to be waded through to get out there.

Here in Florida, I have seen them in Port St Lucie near the Savanna State Park. I have also seen them in the Lake Placid area of Florida. They are BIG birds. I have heard that their nests are the size of a king sized mattress, but I don’t think I ever seen an eagle’s nest. Plenty of Osprey nests, but not eagles, as I can recall. I guess I am due to see one.

Inktober Day 11
Pen and ink drawing of an eagle on a large branch, making some noise
Inktober Day 11 – eagle

Live Critter Sunday – Bald Eagle

Labor Day, (last Monday), John and I went on one of our “tiny adventures” and we passed by a pond and John said he saw an eagle. So we turned around and went back and I took these photos and sure enough, it was. It’s not the first time we’ve seen eagles. They are in many parts of Florida, but it’s always awesome to see one.