S’MOREs and Live Critter Sunday

Well I am still hanging in there. Day 3 and it looks like I am hanging with the THEY DRAW AND COOK list so far. I am know some folks are looking for the Little Witch Series and that is going on in the background. I just haven’t decided how or when I want to post those.

For now, here’s a S’mores “poem.”

Also, I live in Central Florida in a small area most folks don’t know exist. You know you are off the beaten path in Florida when you see these signs:

Yes, that is a bear and we do have black bears around here. They like to help out the neighbors by “spit shinin’ ” their grills, lol.

Live Critter Sunday

The “posse” came up to my desk and gave me the “eye.” They also smacked my legs. I have no idea what they wanted because they already had their dinner. I got down on the floor beside them to play with them. Then John and I took them for a walk which seemed to make them happy. They came into the house and took a nap after that.

Live Critter Sunday

This Sunday I have another of our feathered friends. I was out for my morning walk and spotted this raptor. He/she was perched on a fence and let me get close enough for a photo. It hangs out in the area and we frequently see him/her hunting and often hear them calling to each other. There is plenty to eat here with lots of squirrels and bunnies. I think they eat the lizards, too. Many of our neighbors marvel about how close these birds are perching near humans. I sometimes wonder if we are the ones being studied.

As I am typing this, I can hear roosters already competing on who can crow the loudest and I have the door closed and AC on so it is surprising how loud they can be, plus they aren’t in my development but in the surrounding area. There is also a mockingbird making angry chatter about something which isn’t surprising. They seem to be annoyed about everything this time of year.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Live Critter Sunday – Bald Eagle

Labor Day, (last Monday), John and I went on one of our “tiny adventures” and we passed by a pond and John said he saw an eagle. So we turned around and went back and I took these photos and sure enough, it was. It’s not the first time we’ve seen eagles. They are in many parts of Florida, but it’s always awesome to see one.

A visitor

John and I were watching TV and getting ready to call it a night when something crashed into our windows behind the couch. We froze. John got up to open the door but I cautioned him not to because we have everything from panthers, bears, coyotes, foxes and heaven knows what else living in our part of Florida.

Instead, I opened the slider which was inside our screen house but has a view of the side of the house. There was something hanging in our screen door.

This barred owl stared back at me and I took his photo. I spoke gently to him because he looked a little out of it. He just looked back at me and hung there a bit and flew away, banging into the top of the carport as he left. We have many creatures that crawl around the carport…lizards, geckos and what not so someone missed being a meal.

In the morning, we found that his crash into the window broke the screen. But that’s ok. It can be repaired. We heard the owls later and the next evening so I guess all is well.

Barred owl

Live Critter Sunday 8/1

These two photos are sort of a seek and find. Look very carefully at each photo. That’s not a cable or hose in that cactus outside of our window. This guy is about three feet long.

He’s a black racer. Not a venomous snake, he’s a handy fellow in the garden to assist with pest control. They look quite alarming when you are used to garden snakes, but a welcome predator. Although I don’t think the lizards would agree.

Afterwards he slithered off to the bush next to the cactus which was a very important lesson on not sticking your hands inside of bushes without heavy duty gloves when you live in Florida.

Smile for the camera!

Live critter Sunday

I have so many photos of real animals, especially of Chloe and Mack, that I think I’ll make Sundays a real creature day.

Today’s photo is of Mack. He’s hiding under the end table because Chloe and Mack needed baths. Chloe went first so Mack ran for cover.

“I don’t think they’ll find me here.”