Live critter Sunday

I have so many photos of real animals, especially of Chloe and Mack, that I think I’ll make Sundays a real creature day.

Today’s photo is of Mack. He’s hiding under the end table because Chloe and Mack needed baths. Chloe went first so Mack ran for cover.

“I don’t think they’ll find me here.”

Another AA5 sketch

I did this in Gallo yesterday evening. Added the kitty. The couple were AA5 newbies so we gave them a quick overview. They were nice people saw them in the crowd later.

John and I were sandbagged by our local library to dress up for this photo. This is what happens when you make friends with librarians. We were laughing hysterically, John looked like a Dapper Dan and I looked like baby Huey that hat. We kissed, and were applauded by the crowd so we were told to hold the pose while this photo was taken.

Lastly, I am sitting outside while I am typing this…. Mack, sitting next to John, just burped loudly. He’s such a pig.

Today’s sketches….

Playing a lot of catch up…..

This is a sketch that I just did at Barnes & Noble and I see that on my haste to move on to something else, I forgot to date this so I will do that now….both subjects were pretty stationary so I was able to easily draw them.

Below is today’s Sktchy….

#87 “Which came first;  the chicken or the cat” I used this inspiration to try out some new stuff in my sketchbook.  I only have a few pages left to finish in this sketchbook before it goes up on the shelf with the others.  This is pen & ink, acrylics and watercolor.

Below are some lettering exercises….I left the napkin on the table at Barnes and Noble….maybe someone will like it or maybe it will get tossed in the trash.

This one with the blue-green watercolor was written with a brush…..

Something from my morning pages…..some more lettering “play.”

Not following the herd….

Happy Feast of the Epiphany and the official close of Christmas! Bummer, actually.

Back in 2014 I started taking on line classes to refocus on my drawing skills.  I took one class after another.  It rekindled my love for drawing.  Since then I have been drawing something every day, so I didn’t need another class that tells me what or how to draw,  because I already do that every day, anyway.  I try new things, like a series of a particular theme, subject matter or materials used.  I challenge myself to draw something I wouldn’t normally draw just to prove to myself that I can.  When I get bored with a series I move on.

What I needed was a class on creativity and thinking outside the box.

One of things I have envied was people who created all sorts of things out of thin air. Now there’s the rub.  How do I do that?  First, not be so overly critical of what I produce.  Then there is a need for a lot of practice and taking classes where I learn how to tap that side of my creativity.

One of the artists that I love taking a creativity class with is Carla Sonheim.  This year I am taking her 365 Days class. I like that Carla thinks out of the box, so much so that she even had us using a glue stick to paint with yesterday.  A glue stick, really?  How the heck did she come up with that one? 😂. Actually it was pretty cool and I used it on a few pages….if you want to learn more about that and other things she is showing us, you’ll need to take the class. 

I am posting this for you today so you can see the photos that I took for her lesson today.  I learned something from this exercise that I would not have learned had I not taken this class.