Plenty of these here in the neighborhood all the time….my faves are the cattle egrets. They chase lawn mowers. You can walk out your front door and find them on your car. And if your driving through interior Florida, the cattle egrets are cattle back riding on the many cows that are grazing on the cattle ranches……

Cool stuff!

Also, my daughter got us a Roomba for Christmas. Today is its birthday because we finally got all the Christmas decorations put away and we pulled it out to get acquainted with it. Chloe and Mack didn’t know what to make of it but they didn’t see to think of it as a threat even though they don’t like regular vacuums.

It went under the chaise as Mack was sleeping and he almost looked violated.😂 He didn’t know where it went but he could hear it.

It works great.

Another AA5 sketch

I did this in Gallo yesterday evening. Added the kitty. The couple were AA5 newbies so we gave them a quick overview. They were nice people saw them in the crowd later.

John and I were sandbagged by our local library to dress up for this photo. This is what happens when you make friends with librarians. We were laughing hysterically, John looked like a Dapper Dan and I looked like baby Huey that hat. We kissed, and were applauded by the crowd so we were told to hold the pose while this photo was taken.

Lastly, I am sitting outside while I am typing this…. Mack, sitting next to John, just burped loudly. He’s such a pig.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

We “celebrate” the old fashioned way, we cook/ bake and eat together as a family. My family is basically UK Isles. So I am a little of everything, Brit, Scottish, Irish, etc. My husband doesn’t mind (he’s Italian), there’s Irish Soda bread so as long as there is bread, he’s happy.

And no, I do not drink on St Patrick’s Day. It’s a day where I do a personal, anti drinking protest.

Here is a quick Tombow sketch and I updated Mack’s hat from the previous sketch to add green.