Today’s sketches….

Playing a lot of catch up…..

This is a sketch that I just did at Barnes & Noble and I see that on my haste to move on to something else, I forgot to date this so I will do that now….both subjects were pretty stationary so I was able to easily draw them.

Below is today’s Sktchy….

#87 “Which came first;  the chicken or the cat” I used this inspiration to try out some new stuff in my sketchbook.  I only have a few pages left to finish in this sketchbook before it goes up on the shelf with the others.  This is pen & ink, acrylics and watercolor.

Below are some lettering exercises….I left the napkin on the table at Barnes and Noble….maybe someone will like it or maybe it will get tossed in the trash.

This one with the blue-green watercolor was written with a brush…..

Something from my morning pages…..some more lettering “play.”