Not following the herd….

Happy Feast of the Epiphany and the official close of Christmas! Bummer, actually.

Back in 2014 I started taking on line classes to refocus on my drawing skills.  I took one class after another.  It rekindled my love for drawing.  Since then I have been drawing something every day, so I didn’t need another class that tells me what or how to draw,  because I already do that every day, anyway.  I try new things, like a series of a particular theme, subject matter or materials used.  I challenge myself to draw something I wouldn’t normally draw just to prove to myself that I can.  When I get bored with a series I move on.

What I needed was a class on creativity and thinking outside the box.

One of things I have envied was people who created all sorts of things out of thin air. Now there’s the rub.  How do I do that?  First, not be so overly critical of what I produce.  Then there is a need for a lot of practice and taking classes where I learn how to tap that side of my creativity.

One of the artists that I love taking a creativity class with is Carla Sonheim.  This year I am taking her 365 Days class. I like that Carla thinks out of the box, so much so that she even had us using a glue stick to paint with yesterday.  A glue stick, really?  How the heck did she come up with that one? 😂. Actually it was pretty cool and I used it on a few pages….if you want to learn more about that and other things she is showing us, you’ll need to take the class. 

I am posting this for you today so you can see the photos that I took for her lesson today.  I learned something from this exercise that I would not have learned had I not taken this class.