I signed up for Carla Sonheim’s 365 workshop for 2018. Everyday there is something in your email. A lesson, a prompt, a quote, sometimes an interview with a variety of artists (visual, musicians, literary). I have found that the random pick (two words picked out of a hat) are great for filling that sketch box in my morning pages.

Today the random pick was “kangaroo” and “gift.” Too bad snowboarder wasn’t in that bag instead of “gift.”😂

Today’s prompt also helped me do my #30pages30days prompt, too!

Horses and yesterday’s Inktober Sketch

I spent over a week researching and working on this map that I did as a very belated Sketchbook Skool Assignment.  I was away when the class was “in session” and I mulled over ideas and nothing really inspired me until I saw they were requesting maps for Asia.  Then I had to mull that one over and almost passed that assignment over when I thought of horses.   So I did some research on horse breeds that originated in Asia and came up with this map.

I do have a scanned version so if you are interested in a print, please contact me.

Also, I did this yesterday as my husband was driving us to South Jersey to help my son.  This was my Inktober Day 1 sketch.  I posted it in Sktchy and on my sketch club’s Facebook page yesterday but never got a chance to post it on Social Media…

Making a statement with a sketch

Today’s sktchy prompt was Art Activism.

I went to the local aquarium today….I saw some creatures that I know are struggling against human greed and indifference. I took a photo of a snow monkey and used him for my #sktchy30 #day13.

In the sketch, I used the poem “all things bright and beautiful” and added my own stanza to take the place of those that followed …. 

…with Bayer and Monsanto’s evil ways,  when the many tomorrows come, will there be a place for the antelopes to play, or will we have lost our home?

I got to the bottom and it was a little tight writing on the page so the pen burped and I had to try to correct the misfires….

Today’s sketches….

Playing a lot of catch up…..

This is a sketch that I just did at Barnes & Noble and I see that on my haste to move on to something else, I forgot to date this so I will do that now….both subjects were pretty stationary so I was able to easily draw them.

Below is today’s Sktchy….

#87 “Which came first;  the chicken or the cat” I used this inspiration to try out some new stuff in my sketchbook.  I only have a few pages left to finish in this sketchbook before it goes up on the shelf with the others.  This is pen & ink, acrylics and watercolor.

Below are some lettering exercises….I left the napkin on the table at Barnes and Noble….maybe someone will like it or maybe it will get tossed in the trash.

This one with the blue-green watercolor was written with a brush…..

Something from my morning pages…..some more lettering “play.”

Today’s sketch

National Puppy Day….most of my gear is packed in the trunk of the car so I did this with what I had with me…..the more we travel with our Chihuahuas, the more I wish we had an RV.

This is very loosely done….we just checked into our hotel a short time ago and I need to get some sleep before our final leg to NY.  I wanted to make sure I got my daily Sktchy done, we were packing and running around cleaning the Florida house before we hit the road…. At least the woman, who’s reference photo this pup belongs to, likes the sketch!

Fountain pen maintenance day

Fountain pens must either be used daily or they need to be flushed weekly.  Today was flushing day…..shamefully, a few pens needed a cold bath today….however, all are well and happy now.

Today, I took a J Harbin mini fountain pen on a road test.  After I flushed it I filled it and used it to sketch this chicken…..

I love the color of this chicken and may revisit this subject another time. I have had this little fountain pen for a while and it is a bit banged up but It performed well when sketching this. I used to have Pilot pink ink in it and never used it. I cleaned and reloaded it with Noodlers Bullet Proof Ink and as you can see, it handled the drawing quite well and it didn’t run when watercolor was added.