Kitty #125

Yes! That is correct! I counted snd recounted a few days ago. I waited for today’s kitty to celebrate! It’s only 2 days short of our village’s 125th anniversary so it couldn’t have been timed better. I chose the Brick House Brewery (BHB) for today’s sketch because they are in the oldest business building in Patchogue, they are one of the oldest breweries on Long Island and they are hosting the joint effort brew “Pop Fizz Clink,” brewed by BHB and Blue Point Brewery, to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Patchogue.

Kitty strolled by on her way to see if she could hang out in the Hops Garden out back of BHB because pets are permitted, ok, dogs, but kitty thinks she’s a Chihuahua so that counts for her.

Got Milk?

Today was the ribbon cutting grand opening for the Coffee Bean. John and I went over to get coffee and hang out for the festivities. Plus this weekend, Patchogue is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary. So we hung around for that, too.

Kitty made an appearance. She was standing in line for milk.

The Dockmaster

My father-in-law is 89 years old and still works at the local boat ramp. He works because he wants to, it keeps him busy and active.

This is the hut where he spends his working hours. It has A/C for those hot days.

I sketched it this evening when I was out with my local sketch club. Everyone else sketched over by the water…..I was the rebel.

Delft Blue, Two

Here is my second sketch from yesterday. I looked up and saw this window and decided to sketch it. There were osprey over head so I added them, I think the parents were taking the juvies out for a spin. They were pretty vocal overhead. I love this time of year, ospreys are everywhere and they are so adorable in their nests.

I added the kitty in the window for mom. The sign on the business startled me, though. Serenity Nail’s? No, that apostrophe was not a typo on my part…Why the apostrophe? Did they mean Serenity’s Nails? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I changed the TN to a generic number but I left the poor grammar as a conversation piece, lol.

Oyster Bay Bonanza

Here is the second sketch that I did yesterday in Oyster Bay. It’s a local hangout that was pretty busy.

Today, we drove down to visit mom at her place. We took her out to breakfast, we hung out and we put her postcards in a photo album.

My friend Amy made her cat cards and here’s a photo of mom with one of the cards. She loves to get these cards!

Oyster Bay Kitty

I was in Oyster Bay today with some of the NYC Urban Sketchers that didn’t go to Porto. It was a gorgeous day!

Here is one of my sketches from today’s outing.

Another AA5 sketch

I did this in Gallo yesterday evening. Added the kitty. The couple were AA5 newbies so we gave them a quick overview. They were nice people saw them in the crowd later.

John and I were sandbagged by our local library to dress up for this photo. This is what happens when you make friends with librarians. We were laughing hysterically, John looked like a Dapper Dan and I looked like baby Huey that hat. We kissed, and were applauded by the crowd so we were told to hold the pose while this photo was taken.

Lastly, I am sitting outside while I am typing this…. Mack, sitting next to John, just burped loudly. He’s such a pig.