Inchie Challenge – 2022

Amy Maricle of hosts an online Challenge called the Inchie Challenge. Inchies are small 2×2 Art that are a mindful way to get focused and relaxed. They are great warmups for helping creatives to show up at the desk and focus on creating. A 2×2 inch square is not very intimidating and you can create tiny art in a very short time from just about anywhere. I like doing Inchies because they help me switch gears from left to right brain very quickly. If you are an Urban Sketcher or Plein Air painter, Inchies are perfect for clearing your mind of clutter so you can quickly focus on painting or drawing. You could even use them as thumbnail sketches for the larger art. They are so tiny they fit in your pocket.

Another reason I like doing these is because they can lead to ideas for other work. And if I am stuck, I can play with an Inchie and then one thing leads to another and all of a sudden, I am in the middle of a project. They are wonderful for creative inspiration

This is my Inchie for today, Day 1. “Leaf” You can see the size from my cutting mat on my desk.

Tiny Art, Inchie, Leaves, Pen and Ink, 2x2 Inch Art, Design, Green, Pattern

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