What can I say about confetti? I had several ways to approach this prompt and I felt like playing with patterns, so I went a little bonkers on the iPad. I find myself playing on the iPad the same way I play on paper.

My whole life was in sketchbooks until I installed Procreate on my iPad several years ago. Now, I find Procreate can be a digital sketchbook, a place to clean up something that came out of my sketchbook or a place to create fine art. Once I got past the idea of going digital and still being true to myself, I found myself leaning toward tools on Procreate that fit my technique and style.

My biggest inspiration for creating art for art’s sake on the iPad? David Hockney. I saw his exhibit in Manhattan, saw how he used the iPad as a tool, and was finally able to embrace it as an authentic artistic tool. Another artist I would recommend checking out for creating art on the iPad is Rob Sketcherman. I love his urban sketches done on the with Procreate and they look like they were done in a sketchbook! Rob plays with the tools on the iPad to take his sketches to a whole other dimension. Rob inspired me to take just my iPad out to sketch, using it as a sketchbook.

The iPad with Procreate has been a life changer for me, but I still love the traditional media. Especially when the battery dies on my iPad. (Bummer)

Looking at “Confetti” again, I wonder about doing this pattern play in my sketchbook so I may try it again with other media.

As with my Confetti Design, here is a simple stamp that I carved with no direction or sketch. I love this Carve December challenge. Today’s design almost looks primitive and it was only a few lines.