An update and today’s kitty for mom

Mom received several of her kitty cards. She was really excited. She was a little confused, she wanted to know where I “bought” them. I had to remind her that I did them. She loved the Mother’s Day card with her cats and couldn’t stop laughing about it. She kept saying it looked like theContinue reading “An update and today’s kitty for mom”

Over the River

This post is a week early since the map has already been posted on Instagram by They Draw and Travel. I am really excited they liked this map! Thanksgiving Day is a day of long tradition.  It is a day for spending time with family and friends over a traditional meal that usually involves turkey.Continue reading “Over the River”

An itty bitty zombie doll

For this much of this sketchbook, I pulled my daughter’s dolls out of the attic.  (Then I wound up in a project organizing all of it) Here is the doll that shares the spread with the creepy Sktchy doll: (it’s an American Girl doll, also, note the Teddy Bear she is holding) Below is whatContinue reading “An itty bitty zombie doll”

Urban Sketcher Symposium Final Day’s Sketches

This morning, I sketched the top of the Congress Hotel.  It’s a cool sign and it glows brightly when lit in the evening and I enjoyed the challenge of sketching it this morning. Then I moved on to sketch Lake Michigan.  I couldn’t leave Chicago without sketching the lake!  I was surprised how green itContinue reading “Urban Sketcher Symposium Final Day’s Sketches”