Enlarging work

I am finishing up the last week of an on line workshop, and it had some fun ways to express your art.  This very last week, the course was run by artist Michael Hobbs of the UK.  Michael gave us some pointers of how to budget time, but also be good to ourselves and reward ourselves as part of the creative process.  One of the lessons I liked, and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, was the lesson on how to “blow up” your work.

I watched the video and though to myself, “Oh, I am not going to want to do this.”  Then I forced myself to do it using a sketch I did last week of Mack, my Chihuahua.

Well, much to my surprise and delight, I loved the whole thing.  I blew it up and I pieced it together and wow, it’s awesome!

I love seeing it hanging there on the wall, so here is the original sketch with a ruler so you can see the size and here is the final product hanging on my studio wall.

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