Sketching in the cold

 Today I thought I would get out of the house.  I had been working on a few projects and had recentlycompleted them…so today I wanted get out to sketch.  I was headed to the local green house when I saw something I just HAD to sketch….pretty much just came short of slamming on the brakes…..sometimes, inspiration just kicks you in the head as you are driving down the road.

Of course it was not in an easy spot for me to sketch.  I had to sit across a 4 lane intersection and my view would get blocked by vehicles (and my luck, they were all SUVS and large pickup trucks, Murphy’s Law at it’s finest) sitting at the light.

To make things more interesting, it was cold and windy so I can ensure you that this was done as quickly as I could manage it.  I thought about painting it.  Screw that, it was cold!  I took my sketch home to thaw out and get a cup of tea….PG Tips.

So here is the sketch and in the nice warm comfort of my studio, I created the digital version on my iPad.


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