IFJM Day 6

One forgets that in the modern times, teenagers don’t always want to do what is traditional,  especially when it has to do with wearing something OLD.   The glass “slippers” from Sarah’s family were a style that was in high fashion in the late 17th century in France, not something that a modern day teen wants to wear to her Prom.


April 6,  OMIGOD it has started!!!  I forgot to mention that although my parents are dead, the rest of my relatives are NOT.  The only reason why I and living with my stepdad is because I asked to stay.  My mom’s mom is an artist and she travels a lot.  Both of my Dad’s parents are alive and kicking and my grandmother wants me to live with her but I asked to stay where I am, the place that my mom and step dad made together.  Sometimes my step-sisters are a pain but I don’t complain so I can stay here.  I grew up on the whole Cinderella thing.  My grandmother made sure I knew all about our family’s history in France.  Now that it is time for my “ball,”  my grandmother wants me to wear the glass slippers!  They are from the 17th century for crying out loud!!!  Why would I want to wear 300 plus year old shoes just because it’s tradition?!  Sometimes I am sorry the stupid shoes survived the French Revolution!!  I know they are history but why do I have to wear them?


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