IFJM DAY 30….the last day

The Cinderella of today has choices….

April 30…it’s early in the morning here at our hotel.  My sisters are getting showers.  I took mine already.  I wanted to close out this Prom sketchbook and get back to a regular one.  Anyway, the real Cinderella was coming out in society and the shoes led to her marriage; husband and family (and one of those children was my ancestor).  There was no wicked step-mother, a governess maybe (there were family rumors about a governess that was sent away, but it had to do with her brother….not her or her father)….her parents were alive and well when she had her ball.  Then they all fled to England to get away from the French Revolution. My life is different from hers.  My “ball” isn’t to find me a husband (thank GOD!). Proms are more like rites of passage to adulthood, the party out of adolescence.  I wore the shoes, but I had a choice whether to wear them or not.   I know, deep down, I would have regretted not wearing them.  I didn’t need to wear them the whole night….just the “presentation,” the pictures and Promenade.  I wore the gold flip flops after that…no one could see my feet, anyway.  Sigh.  Graduation is a mere handful of days away, senior year is coming to a close, and in a sense, I am not a kid anymore.  These days, at least there is a “bridge” between adolescence and adulthood, it’s called college.  I am looking forward to college but I also know it isn’t high school.  I am here at Disney, the happiest place on earth and a new chapter of my life is beginning.   Who’s knocking on our door? Dad will answer it…. OMG!!!!  Disney management is at the door.  They somehow heard about the Cinderella shoes.  HOW?!  They want to meet me.   GRANDMAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

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