This is what happens when you have an artist living in the house…

Uncategorized May 27, 2016

 Usually, first thing in the morning, I pull down a photo from Sktchy and sketch something. This morning, I saw the Weekend Challenge was creating art using hands as your subject. So I sketched my hand with my ball point pen, then used my Sumi ink brush pen to add values. 

So I needed to accomplish a few things today and one of those things was doing 25 drawings of anything, with ink and a dropper. And you only get 2 min to draw each one.  No pen, a dropper and in 2 minutes.  So I am thinking, hmmmm, why don’t I just draw 25 hands sketches?

Then the question was what to do with them after… problem.  I dried them on the fence……

Hand Challenge on Sktchy. I did 25 2 min drawings of hands, They were done with India ink and a dropper. #WAXhandy #sketchbookskool #artforall #sktchy #visualjournal #sketchbook #sketch #ginalento

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