AEDM Day 13

Hello again!  Day 13 is a few sketches I did to fill up my sketchbook.  More Car butt drawings.  These are the last three pages in this sketchbook and I am happy that I finished another sketchbook for 2016.

 I have been dragging this large 9×12 sketchbook around for a couple of weeks.  I embellished some pages, and others like these sketches, are just exercises in keeping the eye trained.  

These car butt sketches were done while my husband was driving, obviously.  It’s a bit of challenge to sketch in a car.  The pen jiggles and skips, but that leads to what we artists call “happy accidents.”  Cars are moving targets and they change lanes or turn off the road so you either have to continue your drawing with a different car or abandon it because you can’t turn an SUV shape into a Sentra.

  Thanks again to my friend Helen, from across “the pond,” for showing that you can accomplish much even from short jaunts in the car.

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Gina Lento