It’s a Great Day in America Day 2 – How about picking up the phone?

It’s a beautiful November Day.  The leaves are in their full autumn color.  The nights are clear and crisp.

We popped out to pick up a few things, football is the chit chat of the day.  People saw my husband’s shirt and were asking what he thought about today’s game.  Business as usual.  He’s a Jets fan, pity him.

The sky didn’t fall, however there was a bad earthquake in New Zealand.  I saw this as I checked the Weather Channel app for recording today’s weather in my “morning pages.” I have been getting my “news” from TWC.  

To rid myself from toxic information,  I closed off all notifications for Facebook on my phone and actually had a nice quiet day yesterday.  Staying away from toxic slanted media is a good thing to do, too.

Facebook is great for keeping up with family and friends who aren’t close by, but nothing beats a letter or a phone call.   

So today is “Pick up the phone day.”  Try to call someone today that you haven’t spoken to in while but you chat with on Facebook.  Or, like my husband would tell his employees, pick up the phone instead of 5000 emails to discuss something.  It actually takes more time to do something by email or text than to just pick up a phone to discuss it!