So, maybe you are wondering right now about my posts here on Facebook, after I declared a few days ago that I was disgusted with the drama on Facebook and I was leaving. In fact, I have.  I found a way to post on Facebook without accessing my newsfeed.  I have shut off my notifications.  I am still able to follow many of you back, by accessing the mutual groups we are in by a different App. I know many of you are enjoying my posts,  thanks to your responses letting me know how much you enjoy them.

I also started “It’s a Great Day in America” campaign, as my way of dealing with the negativity in our country.  I may be moving those posts to their own blog.

Today’s sketch was done at the Doctors office. I like sketching through windows.  It passed the time in the waiting room.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Gina Lento