The dance of line

I did this today in a sketchbook that is very basic, it isn’t great paper, it has prompts on the pages…I call it my grunge or junk sketchbook….this one usually doesn’t see the outside of the studio…I have several sketchbooks like this.  These are where the grunt work and exploration meets creative thought.  I don’t worry about if the pages look good, my main focus is on ideas, things that come from happy accidents.

Today’s sketch is #sktchy30 #day26…the Prompt was “flow”…. for me, flow is the dance of pen on paper….it is this dance, this toccata and fugue of line, that keeps me coming back time and again to create something on paper or canvas.  It’s primal.  It’s something I love to do.

This sketch just flowed…..I didn’t add color because I liked it the way it is and many times color ruins it for me….I want to tell the story with just the pen, paper and line.