Sketching in the wild

#Sktchy30 #Day27 and I think 116 for the…I have it written down…The Prompt today for Sktchy 30 is success.  Success comes in many forms. My high school’s motto, several decades ago….is “Vincit qui se vincit.” “She conquers who conquers herself.” Success is getting out of your own way.  Success is being brave. It takes guts to get out of the studio and sketch (or paint) at some place like Starbucks. If you look at the reference photo, the young lady with the ash blond hair caught my eye and I wanted to sketch that hair! Sketching people in public can be a little stressful, you have to really look at them in order to draw them and they catch on after a while. Most ignore me. Some leave. So far no one has freaked out.😂