Goodbye Red Baron

First off, this was a sad week because we buried my father. 

Last weekend, at my father’s bedside I lamely spoke to him about how the grandkids and great-grandbaby were doing.  I expressed sorrow about time lost but I am grateful that I was able to good-bye.  We both loved to read and I regret that he and I won’t be able to share our excitement that the Dark Tower is finally coming to the theater.  He won’t see my grandbaby grow up. There are many things he won’t be here for anymore. 

My dad’s hobby was flying model airplanes.  When I was younger, he had this awesome plane he made that was called the Red Baron.  He accidentally crashed it and made many more after, but that one was my favorite.  His airplane friends thought he was building another Red Baron when he had the stroke.  I have a Red Baron Kite hanging at home that I fell in love with because it was that last link before my parents divorced.

This was a sketch done in Patchogue of a little egg shaped Fiat.  My husband calls them “softballs.  ” Every time he sees one he puffs air towards it like he’s blowing out a candle….like that puff of air will blow it away.  We always laugh when he does that.  I thought this sketch was fitting for today because of that touch of red.

Goodbye Dad.

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