More zombie spreads

I am to the end of this sketchbook.  I haven’t decided what the next subject matter will be however it will most likely lean toward the holidays.  Feel free to post any ideas for what you would like my holiday theme to be.  I will probably start the sketchbook this week to prep the pages, so I can start working on it.  

In the meantime, on to the last few pages here:

This page shares the spread with yesterday’s doll and are some of the dolls from our attic. They are sitting in my studio right now.  They decided that they had enough of attic life and are very content in my studio….causing trouble, no doubt.  The bear on the right is actually a beanie bear that sits on my desk.  He gets sketched a lot and now the new twist of a skeletal version.  He gets out on occasion and just recently visited the library to model for the Sketch Club.  

Below is the page with the fold closed over so you can see the spread before the pages are open.  A baby doll is on the left.  I thought it would be funny to do one in a diaper.  You can see the bear peeking through.

Below is my “normal” sketch for the day.  He seems very happy that the Shoobies are gone for the summer.  He’s back to a normal diet.  The doritos were killing his waist line.  No more junk food until May.

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