Mom and her kitties

As I am typing this, I realized that I forgot to take pix of Mom with her two cats. I sketch her cats from memory, photos would help. Oh well, next trip. Anyway, no sketches of cats today since we were there to visit Mom. Instead, I am posting photos of mom with her kitty postcards.

Mom has been getting her little postcard cats. She doesn’t always remember to go to her mailbox. When we checked today, she had 6 cards she hadn’t retrieved. I took pictures of her opening her cards and later, after we took her out for lunch, we hung her cards for her on the wall on little clotheslines. She loves her postcards. I know there are still a few on the way. We left her the little clothesline clips to hang more cats.

For close friends and family, I want to let you know, Mom’s memory is getting worse. She knows it. If you are planning a visit, don’t wait. Put it on your immediate “to do” list.