Editorial art

We are slowly getting things more settled and my temporary studio in the garage is looking much more organized. During the move, I had been taking a Lilla Rogers class for artists looking to fine tune their skills and build a portfolio for illustration.

It was tough moving and working on assignments for the class, which ended this week. I never took one of these classes before and I didn’t know what to expect or what was expected of the students. I liked how the class was formatted and I learned a lot.

The portfolio building assignment was based on illustrating a song by Lizzo called “Truth Hurts.” One part of her lyrics refer to Lizzo going to her hair stylist to getting a man washed out of her hair which made me think of “South Pacific” and the scene where the nurse wants to wash “that man right out of her hair.” That stuck out in my head so here’s my illustration, done entirely in Procreate on my iPad because my art supplies were packed….