Inktober Day 23

Day 23 and today’s prompt is “booger.” Ok I almost thought this was gross until I decided to look up the definition of the word. Low and behold, “booger” is actually another word for the “boogeyman.” And a slang word for mucus. Yuck.

The new “Ghostbusters” has been on TV the past couple of weeks for October. I like the original best, but all the versions have Slimer, the green slimy ghost. Upon researching the definition of “booger” I can see how they came up with the original idea for Slimer being a booger, mucus-y creature; boogeyman and booger all in one.

I sketched a few versions of “boogeyman” and one wound up looking more like the Grim Reaper and another was a cat with a Michael Myers mask, sort of like the one that I did in color, several years ago. Then I sketched my own Slimer type booger. The nice thing about sketching in pencil first is that I can make marks with abandon. No rules, no one sees these and the spontaneous marks create something that I probably would not have done if I used ink first.

I used to just go right to ink but James Gurney showed me the error of that thinking and mechanical pencils are now part of my “tool kit.”

On a side note: For those of you who think Florida is always hot, sunny, void of season definition and that Floridians are always in shorts and flip flops… News Flash….we have had a few cold snaps recently where we needed long sleeves and jeans, and it actual LOOKS like October here. My husband put the heat on this morning and that’s saying something!

And the seasons DO change here, the license plates change in October from Florida to NY, PA, NJ, IL, MA, CT and many more.

Inktober Day 23
Pen and ink drawing of a boogeyman type of  flying creature with fangs and a gaping mouth with a bit of an angry face.
Inktober Day 23 “Booger”