Well Paint the Great South Bay is a wrap.  It went very well and I even made it on the cover of our local newspaper.  We sold paintings, we got tacos and ice cream for sketches, whose better than us?   Now I am on my way to Chincoteague to participate in their plein air event. (John is driving and I have two dog children on my lap.)

So, round 2 with hurricanes to hit the US.  Irma is splashing at Florida’s shores…. But there’s no climate change, what?

My daughter is a resident of Florida now.  We moved her down there in June.  She took Cleo with her which was a little sad because Cleo was raised by Chloe and Mack (our Chihuahuas) and she doesn’t know she’s a cat.  We are a little concerned about Irma, but since my daughter works for Disney, she’ll be on property when the storm hits, she’ll be safe, but Cleo will be at the apartment, just outside of Orlando.

She might put Cleo in the Disney pet lodging….but in the meantime, this little cartoon is my way of dealing with the anxiety of my daughter and Cleo in Florida during this storm.