#Inktober Day 4 and Raku sketches

Here is my #Inktober Day 4. I sketched this at the nursing home visiting my mother-in-law while my husband hovered waiting to snatch up his favorite candy. They were coloring and I had given my mother-in-law some candy which she happily ate and we all created “art” together…..my husband eventually got the peppermint patty.
Now for some cool stuff….these were done later this afternoon and early this evening at the Raku party that the Patchogue Arts Council held to kick off PAC MAC week. I really enjoyed doing this and can’t wait until they do it again!!!

A disclaimer, these are NOT meant to be masterpieces or something to hang on a wall, these were “moments” I tried to capture quickly. I didn’t add watercolor until after I got home and I hadn’t planned on sketching so all I had on me was my homemade sketchbook that I carry in my handbag and a Lamy Safari pen that had Noodlers Violet ink in it, which I noticed was not waterproof…….

If you haven’t done raku, it’s a pyro’s dream, LMAO. It’s so awesome!
I also include a photo of my pots.